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We have helped form deals with corporations and government in:


  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • China
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


A sharp focus with Pursuit on the team


A temporary member on your team, Pursuit can help you form well-aimed business plans - and gain approval for these externally and internationally. 


By using Pursuit you can proceed at a significantly higher pace. You make the big money through the highly increased accuracy of your decisions.


With the aim at the end result


Our major services are based upon us actively participating for as long as it takes to plan and implement the change - or up to a suitable handover point. Typically, these projects run for several months, with about a half-time workload for us.


Concept, strategy, change - Purpeller

You and your team plan to expand the business in a new direction, or are considering a total refocusing of it. You have all the knowledge about your industry and your operation. You will benefit greatly from Pursuit's quick-and-precise concept development technique and from Pursuit's active control and follow-up, both during and between meetings. In all, this brings about a high degree of accuracy in your decisions, and a highly consistent implementation - and very quickly.


Partnerships and cooperation - Purjector

You need one or more business partners, perhaps in other countries, perhaps investors, distributors, suppliers or joint venture partners. You have recognized you cannot muster up the necessary time and competence required to get the right business partner for the right purpose on the right terms. You will draw benefit from the actual results of Pursuit's business experience and keen conceptualization and negotiation skills.


Brief & intense assistance


Our brief and intense work usually takes one to three weeks, with up to a full-time workload for us.


Initial concept - Purpeller Start - firm price

You deem that Purpeller (above) might prove to be highly valuable for your company and/or for some of your lines of business. You would like to try it by starting it and arriving at an initial concept sketch at a firm price.


Packaged proposition

You and your team want to embark on a business venture that you know would be good for the company, but which other people, e.g. your owners, your group corporate management, an external investor or a strategic business partner must support. You now need to ensure that the business logic of your plan is visible, arguable and convincing, and is compiled and structured into a relevant and clear presentation.


Brochure method

You have a tentative business concept, and now need to verifiy it with key people internally and externally, and have their blessings. With a special customer presentation, similar to a brochure on paper, or a web page or Powerpoint show, you will be able to present the customer benefits and other aspects in a way that anybody can understand, which will provide you with relevant feedback as to whether the concept is perceived to be attractive and realistic.


Crisis presentation

Something has happened, or you have not had the time. But now things are the way they are. You must present a very important plan on a certain day in the near future. You and your team have only a fragmented picture of what you might be able to suggest, and you certainly do not have a presentation ready.



In business, and in management, people must be able to agree on something concrete that produces results.


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My own international business experience has tought me what works.


As a business coach, facilitator and negotiator I use an insightful method to hit the nail on the head.



 Quickly and accurately..


Is this what you need for your business right now?

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